Wireless lighting

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Reddy Olight Baton 3 (wireless)

The Reddy Olight Baton 3 is a very compact portable light.  Comes with it's very own tailor mad..


Reddy Olight Baton 3 F/O Otoscope (Wireless)

Reddy Olight Baton 3 Fiber Optic Otoscope (Wireless) is a very compact portable light.&nbs..


Reddy Olight Baton 3 R/H Headlight (Wireless)

The Reddy Olight Baton 3 is mounted on a Rigid H/B  (Wireless) and comes with it's very own tai..


ReddyLite III

ReddyLite III Head TorchPowered by  1 x AA battery (Supplied), can be used with Li-Ion batteryM..


ReddyLite III B & S

   ReddyLite III B&S 1xAAThe ReddyLite III B & S is powered by 1 x AA battery.&nbs..


ReddyLite III R

ReddyLite III R Head TorchPowered by rechargeable Li-Ion battery (Supplied) Multi purpose LED w..


ReddyLite Olight

ReddyLite Olight 1,000 Lumen outputRe-chargeable lightLight weight durable Olight is attached t..


ReddyLite Olight + Face Visor

ReddyLite Olight (S1R Baton II) 1000 lumens (with lithium ION rechargeable battery) with with Face v..

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